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What I Wore- Austin Fashion Week

I planned to have someone take my outfit picture everyday of Fashion Week but between me taking pictures and being tipsy, I completely forgot!! I did manage to snag a couple of images taken during the week though……

Take by the fabulous Jeffrey Fry!

I wore this on Tuesday when I went to the Hill Country Galleria for a bout 5 minutes and then to Mirror Mirror. The dress and cami are from Lane Bryant (no they didn’t come together, that was all me!) and the necklace was made by my seeester Michelle! My earrings are little Eiffel towers from Forever 21 and my huge bag is Mulberry for Target. I’m sure I had shoes on but I can’t remember what they were…….

Photo from Tess Design’s Doo-Wop Bash. That’s me and Andrea :)

My dress is by Savannah Red and it’s one of my absolute favorites of all time!! The pink flats are from Target about 3 years ago. My big owl necklace is vintage and I picked it up at the first Hunt. Gather. Style and my earrings (which you can’t see but they are pink hoops) are vintage and I got them at the Texas Style Council Conference.

Me and Samatha of Nepethe’s Bathtime at Plain Ivey Jane

I so wish I had gotten a full picture of this dress! You can’t really tell but my dress is covered in flamenco dancers - no lie! The dress was ordered from Simply Be, and the cami is from Lane Bryant. My red purse is Elliot Lucca and was given to me by a fabulous friend. I had on black wedges by Kensie Girl that I got for like 80% off on Ideeli and I think I had on black owl earrings that my friend got me at The Avenue.

As much as I tried to look nice for Fashion Week, I tried to stay as comfortable as possible as well. Since I had multiple events every evening I didn’t want to wear anything I couldn’t walk around in or anything that would get too hot too fast. However, in 100+ degree heat getting hot was inevitable. All you could do was pile on the deodorant and hope for the best!

For Tribezas Style Week I promise to do a better job or getting outfit pictures!!

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