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Austin Events…… And Why I’m Quitting Them

It took me a week of starting and stopping this post to finally finish it. At first, I tried to write my wrap-up of Tribeza Style Week. I was going to show some pictures I took of the runway looks, and my feelings on the styling. But every time I started that post, something really weird happened…….. I couldn’t think of anything to say. That’s right, I was tongue (keyboard?) tied. Now I am not one that is ever at a loss for words. So what was prompting my writer’s block? It took a week but I think I figured it out.

Gratuitous outfit post - what I wore to the Tribeza finale fashion show!

First of all, there is a really big difference between Austin Fashion Week and Tribeza Style Week. AFW showcases local (and not so local) fashion designers. They present their collections in runway shoes, trunk shows, and parties throughout Austin. Style Week is more of a style event. Stores around Austin style models to send down the runway using in season items from their stores. So right off the bat, I am less inspired by Style Week. Don’t get me wrong - I appreciate talented stylists. For example, the men and women who style at By George are absolutely top notch and put together looks that meld classic looks with current trends - total genius. However, not every store in Austin employs talented stylists and believe me, it shows in what they send down the runway. There is an element of passion that is missing from Style Week that is present in AFW. Designers put so much of themselves into the clothes they design and that inspires me. 

Second (and most important) I am just not terribly excited about runway shows. Don’t get me wrong - it was so fun to see friends, get dressed up and attend a fun event in my heels and dress. But there is something that feels…… well…..snobby….. about sitting in chairs and scrutinizing outfits as they parade by on a catwalk. Let’s be honest; I am not going to wear any of those clothes. Austin does not have a real plus-size clothing community (other than the AMAZING Savannah Red!!) so there was nothing I could really wear. And they weren’t the painstaking creations of designers so there wasn’t a lot of feeling behind it. It looked great (for the most part) but it didn’t leave me feeling anything.

I write about fashion and style and plus size fashion and body image because I love it and it means something to me. As fun as it is to attend these kind of events, it’s not near and dear to my heart. And I want to focus on the things I love from here on out.

So I will not be recapping Tribeza Style Week. If you want to see great pictures, I suggest you head over to Keep Austin Stylish (other style week recaps here and here) - girl takes some amazing pictures!! As for me, I will focus on what I’m passionate about in the future. And while fashion events are fun to dress up for, that is not the information I want to share with my readers. I want to share stories of local boutiques doing great things, local designers making amazing pieces and plus size fashion for women with curves. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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