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My Weekend Shopping Haul

Someday I’d like to be one of those noble people that uses Black Friday/Cyber Monday to start or finish their Christmas Shopping. Not me though……. I use the big sales to supplement my wardrobe! What can I say, I’m a sucker for a sale :)

I decided to check out Lane Bryant since they were doing 50% off pretty much everything (Spanx, Seven, DKNY excluded) and I had my eye on some cardigans. My plan was to get some useful tops and maybe another pair of tights. Here’s what I came away with……

Sorry the picture is a bit small……

Let’s be honest - I have no real use for a leopard print dress. But come on, it’s leopard! Plus the length is perfect for flats or heels and it’s a wrap dress. I think it was originally like $80 and I got it for $22 - score!!

It’s a fancy cardigan!

I know I was looking at the argyle one, but this one just begged me to take it home. I want to wear it with a black sheath dress and fancy heels…… or skinny jeans and pink flats. It’s versatile like that :)

Lacy pink bra…..

Ok, I admit they aren’t exactly clothes, but everyone needs underpinnings am I right?? This pink lace bra is my favorite color (pink!!) my favorite style (balconette!) and my favorite price (50% off!) so it was a no brainer.

Thanks to a bit of shopping a couple of weeks ago, and my holiday weekend shopping, I have amassed 75 Real Women Dollars! For Lane Bryant newbies, those are like gift cards that you get at certain times of the year. For every like $50 you spend they give you 25 Real Women Dollars to use at a later date. Well from today through December 11th, you can use your Real Women Dollars! I haven’t decided yet, but I plan on getting some great stuff.

Did you do any shopping over the holiday? Was it for yourself or others??? Don’t worry, I don’t judge :)

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