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A Whole New Personal Shopping Experience- David J. Neff

When it comes to doing personal shopping with friends/clients, I find that I’m usually working with women that have most of the same issues. Getting rid of things they don’t wear, utilizing and remixing what they do have, and looking great without spending a lot of time and money. So when my friend David J. Neff, author/non-profit marketing genius/ Austin hipster extraordinare asked me to help with his closet, I was nervous. I can deal with women’s issues; I am a woman and I get it. But doing that for a guy? I didn’t know if I would be able to provide what he needed, but I was willing to give it a shot. I think the experience was enlightening for both of us.

First, we did a mega closet clean out. One thing I’ve learned about guys is that they hold on to EVERYTHING. I swear there were t-shirts in there from 8th grade. He had a vast amount of clothes that were either too big (he’s recently taken up hiking and thus got skinnier) or just plain ugly. To his credit, he rarely tried to fight me. But he did try to justify some really hideous stuff……

The pile of shame - that’s a whole lot of clothes!!

David had a pretty definite idea of what look he wanted. He does a lot of professional stuff so he wants pieces that can carry him from a meeting at City Hall to a happy hour on the east side (yes, he sadly goes to the east side). He has a lot of great button downs, and a couple of pairs of good jeans, but he needed some dressier pants and (my favorite!!) some versatile blazers.To Macys we go!!

We ended up finding 2 really nice blazers and a couple of pairs of great pants that actually fit him. I’m a big proponent of fit when it comes to men’s clothes. The main reason men can easily look sloppy is because their clothes don’t fit them properly. All it takes is a small hem or taking in a shirt a tiny bit to make a regular shirt look like it was made for you!!!

I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of David in his new clothes, but let me tell you - I outdid myself. David is a handsome guy, but with just a little polish, some clothes that fit, and a little lesson on mixing and matching….. he is quite the catch. Sorry ladies he’s off the market :)

So that’s the story of my first foray into men’s personal shopping. I was super nervous, but I found that a lot of the principles of women’s shopping apply to men’s as well. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel like they look their best in what they wear. And that is something I can definitely help you do :)

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