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I love clothes. I love shopping for them, I love organizing them in my closet, and I love mix and matching them. But you know what’s even more important that the clothes? What’s underneath them! Without the proper foundation garments, a perfectly awesome outfit can be ruined. With so many styles, fabrics and types of bras, it’s hard to know which ones you need in your wardrobe. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ll tell you what’s in my bra wardrobe and why I love it. That’s right, you get to hear what’s in my lingerie drawer!

Balconette Bra

Balconette Bras by Caique

This is pretty much my favoritest bra ever. The cups are molded without being padded (lord knows I don’t need any padding!) they are smooth so they don’t show under a t-shirt and they come in ever color under the sun. I own 7 of them - black, white (now more gray since I never separate my colors), 3 pink ones, one pink lace and one black and nude lace. They also give great cleavage which I appreciate since I wear a lot of v-neck dresses and shirts. Seriously, bestest bra ever!

Full Coverage

Full Coverage Bra by Cacique

Sometimes, you don’t need a bra that gives you great cleavage and you aren’t wearing a thin shirt. Those are the days you want something that’s comfortable and gives great support. I love a good full coverage bra because I stay supported and it’s still smooth under my shirt. Plus it covers everything without being a minimizer.  I HATE minimizer bras. I’m proud my body and that includes my boobs :)

Sport Bra

Padded Sports Bra

I didn’t get into sports bras until a couple of years ago, but now I love them so much! They are so great for being active - whether you are doing a workout class or just walking, a good sports bra is very handy especially for women with larger chests. This one from Old Navy is surprisingly awesome.  I have two and they are comfortable and very supportive. I don’t run, but they are great for Zumba class!

Of course, it’s super important to get fitted at least once a year to ensure you are wearing the correct size. Also, rotate your bras every six months, especially if you have big boobs. Bras do a lot of work and they wear out quickly. Wash them gently, don’t put them in the dryer and store them in their proper shape. Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row; give it a chance to rest!

What is your favorite bra style? I’d love to hear from smaller chested women since my only experience is with D and above!!

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