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An Ode to My Big Brother

As I have mentioned, oh, a million times, I am very lucky to have five amazing seeesters. I love them all so much and my life would not be complete without them. However, I was not blessed with a brother……at least not a biological one.

When I was in the fourth grade, my mom and new step-dad moved us from Austin to a suburb called Lakeway. It was pretty and nice, but a little daunting to make all new friends. My older sister was 2 years older than I so she was in 6th grade and she made a friend named Morgan. He lived in Lakeway too, was fairly mobile (he rode his bike a lot) and was an all around nice guy. He became my big brother. After the first time I met him, I never called him Morgan. Most referred to him as Mo, but he was always my Schmo.

As I got older, and got into high school, he always watched out for me. He was my friend (even though he was cooler and older) and always checked on me in middle school and high school. He was in my church youth group, so we went on trips together. He moved to Humble, Tx before he graduated, but we made the trip to be at his graduation. He was an important member of our family, even though we weren’t blood related.

Even though he ended up in Dallas, he always stayed close to my family. He and my older sister have been best friends ever since they met in the sixth grade. He is a part of my family - I believe my mom even tried to ground him a few times. He loved me, watched out for me, and was the brother I never had.

Mo died this weekend. My heart is utterly broken. Even though we didn’t get to see each other as much (he worked at a large church so it was hard to spend weekends together) I always knew how much he loved me. I would tease him about needing a nice girl, and he promised he’d move back to Austin if I found him one.

To my Schmo - I love you brother. You took care of me, protected me, loved me and treated me like your sister. I will miss you more than words can possibly say, and my heart will be missing a piece forever. 31 years was not enough time on this earth but I know that we will be together again in the afterlife. 

Whatever religion you are (even no religion) please pray for my family today. Think some happy thoughts for us or light a candle. We are grieving the loss of our adopted brother, son and most of all, dearest friend. 

Hold your loved ones close today. We can lose each other in a blink of an eye; the time we have is precious and should be shared with happiness, laughter and most of all, love.

  1. accessorywhore said: I’m so sorry. May his memory be a blessing.
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