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Austin Fashion Week - Wednesday Recap

I was probably most excited about Wednesday night since the showcases I planned to attend were all friends of mine. Let me tell you - they did not disappoint! What a fun exciting evening. I have so many great pictures, I may have to do a second post!

First I went to Underwear to see ByJeannie Jewelry. Jeannie just won the Texas Next Top Designer Award which is richly deserved. Her jewelry is so delicate and beautiful but not so over the top that you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it on a daily basis. Her latest pieces are inspired by lace and are painstakingly hand-crafted. I got to see Jeannie, Maureen of Inglenook Decor, Grechen of Grechen’s Closet, and Sharon of If Grandma Wore J. Crew. Plus I met Tien of Sweet Pop which provided amazing cake pops and cookies and cupcakes. They were so delicious!! Her and I will have to talk about my upcoming birthday party…….

Jewelry and Underwear- it doesn’t get much better than that!

The lovely Jeannie and Maureen :)

Sweet Pop display- the cake balls and cookies were amazing!!

Next I made my way to Touch of Sass for the Doo-Wop Bash by Tess Dress. Theresa went all out for this party- food from Terra Burgers, pie for Tootie Pies, drinks from Paula’s Texas Orange, and tons of 1950’s decorations, complete with a jukebox and a vintage Coke machine. However, the real stand out were her amazing dresses. Made here in the USA, Theresa prides herself on creating dresses and separates that celebrate the beauty of women- all of their strengths and curves and femininity! All of her dresses are named after strong females and to be honest…… I want to wear every single one! I got to hang with Grechen, Sharon, D’Andra of Sable and Sage, and Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Color. So fun!

The jukebox and Coke machine- it was so popular there was always someone in front of it!

Grechen, D’Andra, and Sharon in the photobooth - don’t they look lovely? I love D’Andra in the USO dress!!

Just a few of Tess Dress’s amazing designs!

Last I went over to Lovely Boutique for Savannah Red’s show. Sadly I missed the runway, but I got to see all of the amazing designs up close. As always, Savannah Red did not disappoint! Anslee’s understanding of plus size women and how to make the most of their amazing curves is astonishing. I loved seeing all of the designs (and the fascinators by Milli Starr!!) and picked out a few things that I want for my wardrobe. I even wore Savannah Red myself! Plus, I got to meet Mrs. and Miss Plus America. It was an amazing night!!

Savannah Red models (that’s Jillian from Simmang Design doing her best Captain Morgan impression!)

Mrs. Texas Plus America, my new friend Deidre, and Ms. Plus America -stunning!!

Savannah Red models and Laura Del Vaggio of Milli Starr- she made the fascinators!

What a great night. I saw so many beautiful designs by some of Austin’s most talented artisans. I can’t wait for tonight- I’m heading to 2nd street for lots of fun and festivities. I’ll share it all with you tomorrow, pinky swear!

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