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Austin Fashion Week- Thursday and Friday Recap

What a long and crazy week! I’m doing two posts back to back for Thursday and Friday. The week was so much fun - I dragged my feet on posting these because I didn’t want to admit that the fun was over…..

Thursday was 2nd street night and, as always, it did not disappoint. I did a bit of party hopping and was so excited to see some awesome local designers. I’m not going to describe each and every detail since there was a lot of walking, a lot of heat and a lot so drinks. So….. I started at Plain Ivey Jane, went down to Eliza Page for a hot minute, checked out Langford Market for a while, then wound up back at Plain Ivey Jane. It was a great night!

The lovely Sarah from Plain Ivey Jane- LOVE her dress!

Anne Marie Beard and her gorgeous purses and wallets!

Annemarie’s mini wallets -  I love them all!

Next I went to Eliza Page to see Catherine Nicole’s jewelry……

I love the colors and the boldness of the pieces- statement jewelry for sure!

I want this agate necklace sooooooo bad!! The stones are so rough and unique.

Then I moseyed over to Langford Market (I was pretty tipsy by now!)

Necklaces by Song Fashions - totally bold pieces!!

Earrings worn by the creators of Song Fashions - I want them both!

I apparently made it back over to Plain Ivey Jane, but I forgot to take any pictures. It was such a fun night!!

Coming up next, Friday’s recap……

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