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Austin Fashion Week - Friday Recap

Finally, the last post on Austin Fashion Week…… and it’s only like a week and a half late!

This one will be pretty short. I kept it simple Friday and attended the Neiman Marcus fall trend show. This was my favorite show from last year, and this year did not disappoint! The looks were ladylike and full of color and texture……. oh and the male models were HOT.

Here are some of the lovely ladies’ looks…..

So ladylike, so chic, so elegant!!!

The amount of color and texture is just incredible!!

And a few looks from the men…..

The gray suit is my favorite :)

All in all, I really enjoyed what I saw at Austin Fashion Week. I saw some of my favorite local designers doing some amazing things, and got to see some new designers that are now permanently fixed on my radar. I hung out with old friends, made new friends, and was once again astounded by the amount of talent and creativity in Austin.

I will now be returning to my regular posts….. at least until Tribeza Style Week. But more on that tomorrow :)

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