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I can’t believe that Austin Fashion Week has come and gone already! It feels like just yesterday I was planning my outfits and prepping my feet and liver for a week of partying and ogling beautiful clothes and jewelry.  However, the fabulous (or not so fabulous) life of a quasi serious fashion blogger is never boring. It looks like I’ll be out and about again this month…….

Me at Fashion Week….. I wish I had real lips like that!!

First up is Fashion’s Night Out. This was started in New York a couple of years ago in an attempt to get the masses back into the stores and excited about fashion during a crazy recession. Not only did it work, but it spawned Fashion’s Night Out events all over the country! Tonight I will be at By George celebrating Fashion’s Night Out with the fabulous folks at Tribeza. And speaking of Tribeza……

I will be attending Tribeza Style Week at the end of September! I’m so excited to attend the runway show and the 2nd street and SoCo boutique crawls. What can I say, I’m a sucker for fashion events! There’s something about being around crowds of people that are awed and inspired by great fashion and that feel as passionately about style and expression as I do - it really motivates me!

Don’t forget you can always find me on Sonsi Living on Wednesday writing about clothes that I love. You can also find me causing a ruckus on Twitter and Facebook.

Next week I promise I’ll have some actual fashion posts :)

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